Monthly archives: June 2020

We'd been chased away from the rugged peninsula of Cabo Tinoso by swell which was bending around the headland and making life uncomfortable. We headed east to Mar Menor and experienced one of those days that are memorable for the wrong reasons.

The Curse of the Mar Menor

Leaving Cartagena marina, post COVID lockdown, we travelled a few miles west to Cabo Tinoso where we relished the freedom of the wild anchorages. We explored ashore and relaxed on the calm, blue water, before moving west to Azohia when the winds turned east.

Freedom Tastes Great at Cabo Tinoso

We were finally able to leave the marina two months later than planned and headed out a short distance to Cabo Tinoso. Emerald wasn't going to let us relax however, and threw several unexpected problems our way.

Little Steps to Freedom 2020