A review of our sailing adventures in 2020. It covers highlights and low lights, the number of miles sailed and where we spent each night. Also included is a breakdown and analysis of costs over the year.

Annual Summary of Travels and Costs 2020

This would be our first Christmas afloat at anchor. And Brexit was about to bring the first consequences for Brits who sail the EU. We wanted proof of location to keep our VAT paid status, so chose to obtain marina receipts from our closest marina.

Christmas Afloat and Brexit Looms Large

If we wanted to spend a winter at anchor, it was essential to replace our anchor chain. After 11 seasons of use, the old chain was noticeably deteriorating. This blog looks at our choices and the swapping over process

Emerald’s New Anchor Chain

Having left the Rio Guadiana, but still undecided as to where to spend the winter, we waited at Culatra for west winds to settle. There we could enjoy the uniqueness of the sand island, its tractors and its amazing nature

Culatra – the Island of Sand

We spent a few weeks enjoying the Rio Guadiana, revisiting old haunts and making new friends. But time was ticking on and we still had to get to the boatyard....

Rio Guadiana – Should We Stay?

We first visited the Rio Guadiana on our way east into the Med, back in 2014. It quickly found a place in our hearts and we vowed to return on our way back west. That time was now upon us.

Rio Guadiana – A Welcome Return

It was a few days of reality beating expectation. A 50nm passage from Bolonia to Puerto Sherry / Bay of Cadiz followed by exploring the delightful town of El Puerto de Santa Maria

Everything’s Fino in Puerto Sherry

Why do we travel? One reason is to experience and enjoy different cultures of which, food plays a large part. Sailing around the Mediterranean has amply fulfilled this desire, however, an occasional reminder of home is very welcome. And for the wandering Brit in the Med, Gibraltar provides a little taste of home from home.

Sailing to Gibraltar: A Taste of Home

Time had caught us unawares and it was time to make plans to head south and west. With a distance of 550nm to Gibraltar, we were keen to break the journey into small legs. For that we needed the cooperation of the weather. Did it play ball? We had some great moments - encounters with local legends, live music, old friends and a chance meeting with a sister boat.

Time to Leave the Med