Canary Islands Towards Santa Maria, Azores: Day 5


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Day 5 of many Canary Islands to Santa Maria, Azores
Total miles sailed: (Tue-Wed) 12 noon-12 noon 117nm (158nm to go. Pleased with that given the conditions yesterday morning and afternoon)

Current position: Roughly two thirds of way between Madeira and Santa Maria, heading 285 deg, speed: 2.5 knots. Sea state: 1.0m

Passage notes:

Day five.

A day of two halves. The squalls kept us on our toes and cautious with our sail plan, through yesterday afternoon and overnight. We kept it slow SOG overnight just so that we could get some sleep rather than being slung around when the next squall hit. Colin (me)got caught playing with Emerald, powered up, and hit 7.5 knots in a wild ride before getting her back under control. I think my heart rate is back down now to the low 100s. We had been managing a good high 5.x average speed up to that point but decided to be cautious. What’s another week at sea after all…..

The big news is we’ve deployed the emergency crew member, Harry the hydrovane. Harry is now on the helm, as the conditions have settled. Our only complaint is that Harry never buys a round. However in light airs he’s invaluable in keeping the boat moving. We’re doing 2.2 knots in 6-7 knots apparent wind at times so can just leave him to it.

The sea has reduced to a much more pleasant 1.0m. Emerald is just ghosting along gently between 2 and 4 knots, Xmas 25 at sea anyone?)

We have all plain sail set, full main (old and stretched with a baggy belly, just like me), staysail and full yankee. We are attempting to keep the wind at 60deg, to give us as much lift as possible, as long as we’re heading in roughly the right direction. I mean, Newfoundland is supposed to be nice isn’t it???


Fresh pasta with a tuna and pesto sauce, a two pan meal now the conditions have settled.

Things that Broke:

Again, nothing broke.
However the list of *improvements* grows ever longer.
1. watermaker drawer lid made a bid for freedom in a squall, so that needs a rethink
2. foresail furling lines upgraded to Dyneema/braid. I realised if one broke in those heavier conditions we’d be in a tad of a pickle
3. Need to rewire the NMEA instruments to get everything talking together on the network properly.
4. Reach out to that guy Ali, who owns Ali’s Express to see if anyone is due to make an *ahem* similar product to the Ewincher, that doesn’t require a second mortgage.

Wildlife spotted:

Only the very occasional solitary shearwater, and i think we had a Tern do a double flyby.

Other Things Spotted:

A not very distant ship, crossing our bow at about 8nm ahead of us at 8am.


A person smiling on the front of a yacht with all sails set sailing between the Canary Islands and the Azores
A marvelous day’s sailing

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