Canary Islands towards Santa Maria, Azores: Day 4


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Day 4 of many Canary Islands to Santa Maria, Azores
Total miles sailed: (Tue-Wed) 12 noon-12 noon 106nm (284nm to go – we passed halfway at 18:00 yesterday)

Current position: Roughly halfway between Madeira and Santa Maria, heading 321deg, speed: 5.5 knots. Sea state: 1.3m

Passage notes:

Day four.

The squalls kept coming through yesterday afternoon and overnight. We kept to a slow SOG between the squalls just so that we could get some sleep rather than being slung around when the next squall hit. As I was starting my second watch around 4am, there were a few breaks in the cloud where some starlight broke through. We haven’t seen the moon at all. Against the lighter grey of the starlit sky, I could see the outline of something black to the east of us. It had a menacing air, although that could just have been my sleep starved brain combined with an over-active imagination. As it enveloped us, it felt like we were sailing into a dark tunnel. The winds whipped up and we bounced along under barely any genny and 2 reefs in the main. After almost an hour the rain came and I knew it would soon be over.

That was the worst of the overnight squalls and since dawn we haven’t had any more. But the sky is still wall-to-wall grey.

The sea has reduced from 2m to a much more pleasant 1.3m. Emerald doesn’t have much heel at the moment, so moving around isn’t too tricky.


Chilli again from the freezer. It’s the second time we’ve had it on this passage, but I could eat chilli every night, so no complaints from me!

Things that Broke:

Again, nothing broke.

Wildlife spotted:

Only the very occasional solitary shearwater. Colin found a dead flying fish on deck which was returned to the sea.

Other Things Spotted:

A very distant ship, the first since Saturday night when we were passing Tenerife.

Pidge update:

Colin checked the dinghy today and Pidge has definitely gone. It has however, left us some ‘gifts’ in its wake. So much for gratitude! 😀

the view of a helm on a sailing boat whilst sailing from the Canary Islands to the Azores
The view from the helm

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