Annual Summary of Sailing & Costs

This page contains links to all the annual summary blogs for our recent travels. We breakdown the route traveled and highlight the sailing statistics. This includes the miles traveled and the number of nights spent at anchor. We also include a brief review of the places we visited.

The Cost of Sailing

In addition, the blogs contain a breakdown of the costs incurred each year. We’re a couple in our late 40s / early 50s living aboard full time. We live on a moderate budget and keep costs in check by completing as much of the onboard maintenance as possible.

  • Annual Summary of Travels and Costs 2020
    A review of our sailing adventures in 2020. It covers highlights and low lights, the number of miles sailed and where we spent each night. Also included is a breakdown and analysis of costs over the year.
  • Sailing Summary 2019
    Here is the summary of our 2019 sailing season with a rundown of our route, followed by a cost review. […]
  • Summary of our Sailing Adventures For 2018
    It’s been a while coming, but here is the summary of our sailing adventures for 2018. It even includes a […]
  • 2017 Summary: Miles and Spending
    Miles Travelled Here is a summary of 2017 in numbers! First off is the miles travelled during the summer cruise, […]

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