Summer 2019

A summary of our travels and expenses for the year 2019, where we left Marina di Ragusa for Tunisia, then headed north to spend three months on the French Cote d'Azure. From there we sailed south down Mediterranean Spain to our winter berth in Cartagena.

Sailing Summary 2019

The final legs of our 2019 summer cruise certainly gave us some tales to tell. After being tourists in Barcelona we had a nerve shredding departure. September's Gota Fria storm kept us boatbound in Sant Carles de la Rapita followed by a bumpy ride to our winter home in Cartagena.

Our Adventures Sailing South East Spain

Completing our summer travels along the Cote d'Azur, from Antibes to our departure for Spain from the Marseilles area. Two months enjoying varied anchorages, easy access to shore and beautiful coastal trails

Sailing the South of France

From Villefranche-Sur-Mer we headed west to anchor off Antibes. The anchorage provided a great location for us to explore ashore where we visited the Picasso museum, a grand garden and enjoyed coastal walks.

Exploring Antibes

Emerald returns to France, the very first country we visited in her, back in 2004. We spent over two weeks in the area of Villefranche, taking land visits to Nice and Monaco and enjoying the many delights of the town and area.

Sailing to the South of France

Or the “if only we had a Cruising Chute” passage. As we waited in Porto Istana, we began to make plans for continuing on to the south of France based on the resources we had available. What goes into a passage plan? Our starting point is the weather. We’re not […]

Just a Giglio

We tend to find single night passages to be more tiring that multi-day ones. During a single night our bodies have no time to adjust to the rhythm of the 3 hour watch system and we generally end up not sleeping very well. So after three overnight passages in a […]

Relaxing in Sardinia