We finally broke ourselves away from the encircling arms of Villefranche-Sur-Mer and headed on west. The planned distance was short and once out of the rade we could make use of the light winds for a slow sail across Nice Bay. A couple of hours later we were off Cap […]


Emerald returns to France, the very first country we visited in her, back in 2004. We spent over two weeks in the area of Villefranche, taking land visits to Nice and Monaco and enjoying the many delights of the town and area.

Emerald Returns to France

A purposely slow sail to San Remo where we spent one night on the transit quay and had a whistlestop visit around the town

Slow Boat to San Remo

We squeaked and rolled our way to Elba for our third visit to the island to enjoy some walks and a snorkel on the Elviscot wreck

A Squeaky Return to Elba

Or the “if only we had a Cruising Chute” passage. As we waited in Porto Istana, we began to make plans for continuing on to the south of France based on the resources we had available. What goes into a passage plan? Our starting point is the weather. We’re not […]

Just a Giglio

We tend to find single night passages to be more tiring that multi-day ones. During a single night our bodies have no time to adjust to the rhythm of the 3 hour watch system and we generally end up not sleeping very well. So after three overnight passages in a […]

Relaxing in Sardinia

A tale of Three Passages tells the story of our travels from Monastir in Tunisia to the north east of Sardinia via three, overnight passages

A Tale of Three Passages

Our last week in Monastir - stocking up the boat, squeezing in a visit to a hammam and check out.

Our Last Week in Monastir

A trip to the south of Tunisia to visit the desert. We based ourselves in the town of Tozeur for two days from where we could visit an oasis, ride camels and drive over the sand in a 4WD

Ships of the Desert

Three days in Tunis - visiting the Bardo museum, Carthage and Sidi Bou Said and roaming the medina

Three Days in Tunis