Portugal to Porto Santo: Position Report Day 2 1

this is a post sent via the SSB.

24 hour mileage run, 139nm, making a total so far of 300nm.

We have 135nm to go

All is ok onboard. Day two (Sunday) was much better than day 1, with the wind settling back to 15 to 20kts as we expected. The sea remained high however, but with around 8 seconds between the biggies, it wasn’t too rolly onboard.

We had curry for lunch and tea, we should have had it on Saturday, but things were just too lumpy for us to feel like it. Instead we’d had Soreen and Cup-A-Soup.

Today’s sightings (Monday)were a distant ship and a turtle swimming by. The chances of our paths crossing always amazes me (Nichola), that I looked out at the right moment to see what looked like a lump of seaweed was a brave turtle flapping away.

Another yacht is crossing astern of us – they are sailing downwind with just their foresail which looks very rolly. We currently have winds from the NE F4 to F5 which means we’re a little off course. We’re hoping the winds go more north so we can come back to our proper course, otherwise we’ll gybe at some point. That seems preferable to a rolly downwind sail in these conditions of 2-3metre seas.
Harry the hydrovane is earning his keep and steering us well, but even he occasionally gets overpowered as a large wave rolls through.

Slainte Everyone, Hope they have plenty of beer in Porto Santo!

Position is: 34 17.475’N 14 06.15’W at 13:00 BST

Harry the Hydrovane at work

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