Position Report- High Seas 3

Post via ssb from crossing from Sicily (Porto Palo) to the Adriatic (Otranto)

Position: 38 28.99 N 17 08.13 E
Speed: 5.7 knots
Course: 029 deg

All well on board. Currently crossing the scary Gulf of Squirrels. (no squirrels sighted, but did spot an inflatable pink turtle!)

We have lost all wind, and so are putting in to Crotone for the night. We’ll anchor off the harbour and hope for a bit more breeze tomorrow. We may pick up fuel if the fuel barge is open in the morning. Happy Sunday everyone.

Emerald crew a.k.a M0EMR maritime mobile

3 thoughts on “Position Report- High Seas

  • eli

    hi very nice to hear people use ssb and not just satellite, what ssb service are you using? fair wind

    • Nichola Post author

      Hi – we have a radio HAM licence from the UK which allows us to use a system called winlink along with our ssb radio and a pactor modem to send and receive text only emails and download weather grib files. The use of winlink is free which makes it a big bonus over satellite communication

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