Porto Santo to Canary Islands Day 2


VIA Ham Radio:
Day Two of Porto Santo to Canary Islands
Total miles sailed: (mon-tues) 11am-11am 134nm

Current position: Approx 40nm north Tenerife, heading 164deg, speed 5.2knots. Sea state bumpy, decreasing to rollercoaster.

Passage notes: Second night was a tad tiring, gusty fickle winds, and then sustained F7 just aft the beam. … 3 metre seas from two directions, (welcome to the washing machine Emerald we’ve been expecting you), A scrabble to get sail off, as always in the small hours again. Thankfully we’d completed our pole dancing in the early evening (so Emerald was secure with the whisker pole stored on deck) and storming along at up to 7.5 knots. 2 reefs in the main and a smaller scrap of yankee and we were off into the dark night, thankfully the worst only lasted until dawn.

Dawn broke and we got the third reef in at watch change and underway on course. hot cups of tea and banana cake issued to tired and sagging bodies. Morale onboard once again restored. The seas then of course eased and wind dropped from a F7 to F3 we are managing to average around 5.5 knots in the flukey winds with hourly reefing practice. We are certainly being made to work for our trip. Anyone know that fella from e-wincher, we could certainly use one!

Also tested the engine again this morning and it started right up.

Right then time to send this off and stand my watch. Around 60nm to go to Las Palmas, should be in in the early hours all being well.

At last some sunshine on day 3

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