Position Report- High Seas 1

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Crossing from Sardinia (Calaforte) to Sicily (Mazara)

Departure date Sunday 30th September, 2018 at noon.

Monday 1st October Noon
Current Position: 38 20.76 N 10 23.46 E
Speed: 5.6 knots
Course: 111 deg
noon to noon run 115nm (not bad for an old girl in these conditions)

All well on board. large quartering sea (approx 1.5-2metres), occassionally breaking. Things got so rough in the night that a bottle of concentrated orange juice decided suicide was the only option, escaped from a closed cupboard and threw itself all over the galley floor! One word, sticky!

Wind constant 10 – 25 knots from behind, giving a wild ride under genny alone. You too can experience this by locking yourself in an industrial washing machine for 48 hours! 😉

Hoping to be off southwest Sicily tomorrow morning where we will make a decision where to head for, based on the weather forecast, and swell forecast if we can get an internet signal off the coast.

Happy October everyone.

Emerald crew a.k.a M0EMR maritime mobile

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